Bliss & books.

I bought my copy of Eat, Pray, Love thinking it would be a good book to read over the summer. A few pages into it though, I got bored and decided I’d have more fun if I just went out with my then boyfriend. The truth is, I did have fun that afternoon. It was one of brightest days ever and the whole world was made new–sheathed in gold dust. Who could ask for anything more? Looking back on things now, I’m glad I didn’t read Elizabeth Gilbert then. Her wisdom and personality would have been lost on me and all the truths that give that book it’s biblical thickness would have dissolved into the ether.

Two nights ago I picked up the book while pouring over some books I haven’t read yet. Everything else seemed heavy and lately, my mind’s been too fried by the weather to be of any real use. So I figured that perhaps this seemingly “chick-ish” volume might do the trick. Boy, did it ever! Forget that I nearly missed out on it because I judged it–the point is I read book one already and have since yesterday vowed never to eat a bland thing again in my life.

Healing is never overrated. Don’t believe anything or anyone that tells you otherwise. What I found in that little volume I read of Gilbert’s was something I’d been missing for so long! It was a spiritual breathing space that grief often occupies so that we all end up fleeing from the spirit instead of making peace with it. I cannot explain in full detail what this book has made me do, think and feel in the forty-eight hours. All I can say is that because of it, I know more or less where my heart is now and I’m not scared anymore.

This week, I’ve been blessed. I finally enrolled myself back into the French program. I’ve got great friends–old and new, of various ages as well. A good book that has just given me back my voice. A chance to go on retreat tomorrow up until Sunday. And three discs worth of wonderful music courtesy of Richard Bolisay who is love personified! 🙂

Holy Week need not be lonely and dark. It’s a weekend of renewal after all. So, I sincerely hope that everyone uses this time to find their bliss and fall in love with life all over again!


4 thoughts on “Bliss & books.

  1. Hi Nash, I bought a copy of the book too along with Julie and Julia but I haven’t had time to read them yet. I am still into the thick of reading Under The Tuscan Sun, had it for about a month now but….maybe, I just feel so lazy! I love the sun so I am more into gardening now. How are you?

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