Strange encounters.

My eyelids have been sewn for four days. I imagine this must be how it is for boxers who have been knocked-out once or twice in the ring. They hit you hard enough, your eye and the skin around it begins to swell so much they have no choice but to sew it closed for it to heal. Then again, boxers don’t have to worry about strange new body parts.

Three nights ago, after being allowed to finally shower, I stepped out of the bath and caught a glimpse of my towel which was hanging on the rack to my right. The natural movement of my right eye toward the towel seemed normal but the movement in the space where my eye once was gave me a bit of a shock. My stomach turned ever so slightly at the feel of this movement which–as I imagined it–would not have been possible given the nature of my procedure. The conformer that keeps the shape moves as well and all of this wreaks of some great sci-fi or a story by Ray Bradury. I wish I could tell him what happened and have him explain things to me in the shape of a narrative that only he could have formed.

There has to be a story here somewhere because underneath my eyelids is something I’ve never seen before. There’s this thing that lurks cautiously waiting to surprise me. How great is it that I get to see this thing for the very first time? The irony is that it’s already in me and my eyelids will just gradually open but can you believe it? It’s coming out from what was once a familiar space.

There are no words for the excitement but maybe there’s a subplot for a future story.


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