I don’t catch sunsets and sunrises as much as I used to. I think it’s partly because there are enough beginnings and ends to mark moments in my life but whenever I do get a glimpse of the sun, it’s always a thrill. Last week, after interviewing Mr. Jardin of the CCP, I went to Mall of Asia in search of Booksale. It’s rare that I’m in the area so I went just because…and the books didn’t thrill me as much as the sunset did!

Isn’t this amazing?! These long summer days are my favorite. The skies become so beautifully textured in that each hue is separated from each other. There’s a magic in these skies that can’t be matched. Again, the term is ephemeral. You have to enjoy these things before you run out of time.

These days were made for stillness and slowing down. It’s that time of year when everyone wiser always says you must stop to smell the flowers. In my case, it would have to be stop and catch the sun setting and rising.


3 thoughts on “Sunwatching.

  1. Nothing beats the sunsets back home. The ones here are kinda meh, unless you’re by the beach.

    It doesn’t help that Daylight Savings Time has just begun, so it’s still bright outside at 7pm.

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