Notes on Writing.

I often get into the habit of refusing to write these days. I never used to feel this way and tonight it dawned on me that a huge reason why I’ve been so bored lately has to do with my laziness. When you don’t write, you don’t notice the small things. The nitty-gritty of life that keeps it colorful and always different passes through you and disappears. The word, I think, is ephemeral. Nothing lasts and when you understand this, writing becomes a necessity. You fight to remember as much as you can in the hope that someday, when you’re far from the rut you’re currently in, it will all make sense.

And it does.

Tonight I remembered how good it feels to remember this. I owe the realization to this year’s LS awardees and to Maam Beni. This year ought to be a writing year.

And rhum coke isn’t as yummy here as it is in Baguio. 🙂


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