Busy in March.

So far so good. March is a fine month for getting the ball rolling. On the first day of the month, I submitted my resume to Miriam then had dinner with a friend. The next day I managed to read two poems out loud despite the painful sore throat that’s been killing me. Today, the third day of the month, I had an early job interview. I walked in feeling a bit silly but happy, I guess. When I submitted my resume, I thought I was running a bit late since the application process could hypothetically begin in February. I expected to have fallen in the ranks somehow but as fate would have it, I got slot number one in the interview because my resume arrived first. 🙂

So yes, I’m feeling a bit giddy. The interview went well. Now I have to brace myself for the demo class on Monday.

Tomorrow, I’m off to visit UST again. Dad is working on a book for their university library and it’s pretty exciting! They have original texts by Copernicus and St. Thomas Aquinas !!! *drooldrool* But yeah, there’s that. Being in that campus feels wonderful. The halls are so rife with history and it isn’t the kind that looms ominously above you. There’s no heaviness to be felt in those halls despite the erratic history of a building that once, during the war, held close to three thousand people and became the last thing some of them ever saw. I can’t put my finger on it yet but maybe my visit tomorrow will help put things into perspective.

Speaking of perspective, vocation has been a buzzword lately in conversations between me and my friends. The one shocker that came in today’s interview was a question of duration. How long did I want to teach was the question and to be safe and honest, I said three years or so. This surprised my panel a bit as they probably expected me to say something along the lines of forever…but anyway, the importance of having heard this today is really not lost on me. Walking away from my interview, I decided I’d loosen up a bit and see where this goes. Prior to today, I had things more or less figured out. I knew I wanted to teach and study at the same time and I knew that eventually I also wanted to pursue a career in the DFA. I knew what I wanted but see, it might also be good to find out what God wants from me. So, I’m keeping my options open with regard to the other things besides teaching.

I am young after all. 🙂

Busy Friday, busy Monday & Tuesday. Busy, busy, busy! 🙂


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