Food Fixes & Retail Therapy

Feeling a bit “meh” today. In the future, I have to remind myself to keep adding activities to my book because when you hit a breather of a Wednesday, after having a busy Monday and Tuesday, all other days of the week seem so boring and uneventful.

Anyway, I’m on a mission to gain weight. Had my  burrito fix yesterday in a place called Ristra’s near Wilson St. They charge 300 bucks for burritos and as a student, that would seem painful for the pocket but after eating, you’ll see why they charge that much. It’s definitely a must-try! I suggest going with friends too!

Look at those burrito happy faces! Next time I want to try the other meats but between now and then, I really need to save…or find a way to earn extra. Retail therapy for “meh” days like today is not good, even if most forms of consumption make me feel great. I had to keep myself home today just to avoid being lured into buying something.

Maybe I should just “accidentally” leave my wallet when I go out? It might work. But then, I just realized…I want another burrito. 😦 OH NOMNOM.


5 thoughts on “Food Fixes & Retail Therapy

  1. Oh man..300 for a burrito.. That’s almost similar to US prices(okay, maybe not.. a super burrito’s around 8$ but a burrito just might possibly be 6..), but I heard that’s where they got their concept from.. From Chipotle or something. I’m sure they can’t beat the taquerias here though! I meant to try that place but never got the chance to while I was home.

    I usually go with carne asada..

    (BTW, I”m januaryseas on twitter.. I added you after reading Cat’s tweet, hahaha)

    • toynbeeconvector says:

      I think they got it from Chipotle. I was with friends who used to live in the States and they said the same thing too. I don’t know if it’s worth the price yet because I haven’t had the other burritos but um, i think I just found a new vice…or something like it. How have you been? Long time no hear.

      Aha, I just followed you! I was wondering who that was. 🙂 Cat got me to tweet so um, haha. Tweet tweet!

      • I’m surprised you could want another one just after having one! It’s one of those foods that I eat because I feel like having one and wouldn’t have after for a while.. Probably because they’re huge and the flavor is a bit repetitive. Do they come with free chips on the side? That’s what they have here.. I love salsa! 😀

        I’ve been doing fine, still doing alright in school, although I bungled up the first part of my history midterm.. >__< It's European history, and I afraid my knowledge of it is rather minimal compared to what I know about others. Hopefully I could catch up with the second half of the test tomorrow, which is an essay.

        Yeah, life's been rather boring these days, all I could talk about is school! How have you been?

  2. toynbeeconvector says:

    They are huge!!!! and the flavor is kind of monotonous once you get past the first half but for some reason, I just feel good about eating them because they feel like comfort food. They don’t come with free chips on the side because we’re in the Philippines and that kind of thing doesn’t go without charge. I’d love to have some salsa though and guacamole…drool.

    Wow, it must’ve been a really hard test for you to have problems with it. I’m glad you’re doing well though and don’t worry, nothing too exciting is happening here. I’m going back to school in a few months and right now, I’m a research assistant so…hehe your boredom can take mine out to dinner. 🙂 I’ve been okay though. Better than the last time I messaged you. Things have been looking bright and happy lately so yay! What about your art? Have you been drawing???

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