Hello, again. :)

My theme is called Benevolence and that just about describes everything I’ve been feeling lately. I can’t believe how quickly this month came to pass! I thought I’d have more time to sit and write but luckily, life took over and gave me things to write about instead. Had it not been for the brief sabbatical, I wouldn’t know where to even find the reasons to write! But I’m here now and it feels great to wake up feeling like myself again.


I’m playing with the idea of gathering all the women I love and having them meet each other. I enjoy the company of my male friends but I’ve recently discovered that a woman’s heart is best attuned to her kind. Fortunately, I’m surrounded by all these brave, beautiful women who might be in different stages of their lives but who have such huge hearts!!! One is a four-year-old whom I’ve just met. Her audacity and manner struck me because there I was seated next to her on a ledge worrying about what to say. I’m an adult after all and playtime is often kept out of my range of activities. But there she was talking to me like we had known each other forever! She’s teaching me to be curious again and to have that sense of wide-eyed awe.

The other woman doesn’t wear her age at all. We met because of  shared French classes and became close because of an itch to take photos. I thought photography would seal our friendship but later on, when the inevitable burden of heartache became a current theme in my book, she taught me a thing or two about survival. She encouraged me to put the feelings on the shelf and live a little. I couldn’t be more grateful, really. Our lunches and long afternoons spent talking about things that really matter have been a well-spring of joy and I’m really happy to have met her! See how the universe conspires to make us happy?

There is also the one who caught me at a supermarket once. She was on her way home and thought it silly that I was there because this whole time she figured I lived on the other side  of town. She gave me a ride home that night and hugged me so tight–I didn’t want to let go. She and I haven’t seen each other yet this year but I’m pretty sure we’ll have our days together. There is a kitchen that awaits us both…and this time I won’t burn anything.

I don’t know where these women came from. There’s a whole lot of them and I don’t know what it is that brought this diverse group–they’re writers, poets, cooks, singers, designers, farmers, doctors, lawyers–into my little square peg of a life. All I know is that this month, I’m grateful to the women I love…

& women in general! A lady I’ve admired for some time now gave me a compliment that sent my heart leaping!!! This wonderful accomplished writer likes my writing! I swear, I did the happy dance as soon as I read her email!!! 🙂 it was just so so so wonderful!

So there. Hello again and thanks for staying with me.


6 thoughts on “Hello, again. :)

  1. Love this post, got me thinking about the women in my life…which amounts to not much! I guess it’s because I’m very closed up compared to being open about having enriching experiences with people. Thanks for sharing this!

    • toynbeeconvector says:

      To each his own, I guess. I tend to be really shy about all the things that are happening to me but you know, sometimes people just come along and wow! We have loads in common–or at least that’s what my present self thinks. 🙂 I mean, just look at the two of us and how we managed to find each other?

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