Isn’t there anything that can be done? Just looking at these children who have lost everything makes me wonder how we can hope for things in times like these? Most of these children who were orphaned by the tragedy are being flown to the US in the hope that there is a better life there for them. part of me is happy to have people respond so quickly to their needs. Yet, I can’t help but feel sad knowing that they have to leave all that they’ve known. I can’t imagine a greater tragedy than having your country literally fall to the ground. I can’t imagine watching my countrymen become thieves and criminals either–all for the sake of survival. I really hope the people who can extend as much help to the Haitians. They need all the help they can get and their people need to feel whole again.

And isn’t it really a question of development that faces us all? Reading this article made me wonder a lot about why we can’t solve problems before tragedy strikes. This is always the case, yes? Remember Ondoy and Pepeng?


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