There’s this energy in the air that makes mornings exciting nowadays! It’s a shame that I stay up late though. I know I ought to sleep but there are three things that need daily affection:

  1. Blogging/Writing. This has been the habit since Bradbury said it must be done everyday! This time though, I’m going to add a little more thought into the process. Lately it’s been a narration of goings-on and there’s this hesitation on my part to think. It’s a by-product of the grieving done last year, according to the counselor I saw before the holidays. The mind closes the channels of deep thought to prevent the pain from resurfacing. But anyway, after five months of howling at the moon, it’s about time I get my mojo back–pain or no pain.
  2. Taking Pictures. These are my yearly resolutions but number two has always been overshadowed by writing. For a while I thought it had to be one or the other. You sacrifice one form of creativity in order to hone another. Yet, as I’ve recently discovered, it seems that resolution one and two must go together in order to allow my soul the capacity to root itself firmly on the life ground. And besides, this photoblog! has been a constant reminder of how exciting it is to be alive! Looks like I’m hooked.
  3. Reading. Okay, now this is why I stay up late. If you look at Sasha’s reading blog, you’ll understand why it’s important to stay up and read. We’re on the 12th day of 2010 and already she’s read just about as much as I’ve posted photo-wise. I’m challenged to finish, really. I like starting and lately, reading’s been good. I’m just a little wary about my memory. I’m having a hard time remembering what I read. 😦 Help!

Incidentally, I also need a shower. We had such an exciting food-filled day! Breakfast at Manigo with Tito Mannix, Lissa, Kidlat and Malaya. And Wally, the meowmeow (short for Walo, eight in English). I want a space like Kidlat’s that’s a lot of fun and whimsical! Lunch with new-found friends who made me a little teary-eyed today. But that’s a story for another time. Doctor’s appointment again, dinner with mom & my tito. My first 12 piece set of a 72 piece collection of photos by Emmanuel Santos! 🙂 *kilig*

Sleepy, tired, ecstatic!

But I’m also upset. I can’t go into the details but lately my family and I have been worried sick about my sister. She works as an anesthesiologist at a government hospital in La Union. Her heart is in the right place but things aren’t looking up. As usual, the system is proving to be riddled with corruption and I can’t help but feel like we deserve so much better. I have half a mind to publish a satire in the dailies that documents (mockuments!) the adventures of a struggling resident in a hospital filled with douchebags that think themselves emperor’s of their little (emphasis on little, really) empire. It has names and events and everything—funny what anger does to you creatively…but anyway, it won’t help. Not now at least. Maybe in the future, we’ll see.

If you’re in the area though, just a little caveat…this hospital’s anesthesiology department has people who are more vicious than the drugs they prescribe. I’m appalled and angry! Calling all forces of great Karma! You know what must be done. The wheel must turn.


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