It’s good to be back! And it was good to have gone back to Baguio as well. I am in many ways a child of the mountains. I like my vegetables and have an affinity for cooler weather.

We just arrived a few hours ago. I’ve yet to unpack and unload and write everything down. In the meantime, surprise surprise! I put up a photoblog! It’s been long in the making partly because I felt like I had nothing to show but now, after this one stroll out into the Baguio morning, I was convinced to begin. Call it a moment of crossing the Rubicon, if you will. So far so good. Even my camera seems to be more approachable now.

Baguio was many things…a place to heal, a place of remembering everything that matters to me. I want to unload as soon as I can and set these stories down on paper…but after six hours of traveling, I’m really dead tired.

It’s 3am where I am. There’s internet to be had and a bed to sleep in. It’s good to be home.


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