Weather update.

I read in the papers the other day that during the holidays people really suffer from Christmas blues. There’s a long list of symptoms included in that article and while it’s nothing severely bothersome, I grinned when I found out that all items on that list applied to me. Well, there was one exception: obesity and stress-eating–obviously that didn’t apply. These days I’m lucky to have an appetite.

The thing that bothers me though is that nights are longer. If only we could live in a place where night never came and wonderful afternoon sunshine colored the world gold…Did you see how beautiful the sky was a few hours ago? I used to dream of flying or riding clouds when afternoons looked as great as they did. But oh well, it’s dark again and we have to accept our fate.

Today’s uplifting endeavors were:
1. buying books from a secondhand bookshop. Hello Gibran, Keyes, Dostoyevsky, Tolkien and Garcia Marquez. I think I might make me a list of books to read for 2010. Any ideas?
2. getting all this wrapping done! Hell is most likely being the person behind the gift-wrapping counters on the holidays…if you’re me at least.
3. shrimps in garlic and oil for lunch. Nomnom.
4. Surprise SOLD meeting on Friday then mass.
5. Date on Saturday to say goodbye to 2009.


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