Me, Trying.

Things that made me happy this week:

1. wrapping gifts (no matter how silly i am at it. ech.)

2. warm tea

3. my father on Facebook and what it all means

4. mom offering me some space next to her in bed because i’d been crying a lot these past few days and suffering from migraines.

5. mom screaming “get out of your room…it’s making you sad!”

6. having lunch at a friend’s school—-and realizing we’ll have friends who become doctors, lawyers, engineers, teachers, artists— a whole slew of important people!

7. late night phone calls about random things

8. carl sagan, the old “Flash” show on tv, bananas & mangoes

9. new books, french class, cooking…butter!

10. Last night’s Christmas party with the neighbors—because of the food, the company, the silly raffles and the dancing with tito’s and tita’s—-feels good to belong to a great community!


10.5 re-discovering just how optimistic i really am.

10.6 One day to go before the 9 day Christmas novena masses!

10.7 all that food…

10.8 My sister coming over to spend thew holidays with us = WE’LL ALL BE TOGETHER! Hello dvd mornings and late nights talking about silly things!

10.9 cold weather up north for New Year 🙂

11! Your turn…what made you happy this week?


2 thoughts on “Me, Trying.

  1. Gabbie says:

    Aww at 10.8! And about your dad on FB, I lahv it when he tags you in pictures. Ang cute nung pictures nila ni Ate Tanya (?) sa Baguio!

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