What I’m reading.

The Geography of Bliss, Eric WeinerCan’t put it down…despite the difficult french homework for tomorrow. Arg. (How ironic to have a grumpy guy named “Weiner” writing about happiness!)

“Robert Nozick did think long and hard about the relationship between hedonism and happiness. He once devised a thought experiment called the Experience Machine. Imagine that “superduper neuropsychologists” have figured out a way to stimulate a person’s brain in order to induce pleasurable experiences. It’s perfectly safe, no chance of a malfunction, and not harmful to your health. You would experience constant pleasure for the rest of your life. Would you do it? Would you plug into the Experience Machine?

If not, argued Nozick, then you’ve just proved that there’s more to life than pleasure. We want to achieve our happiness and not just experience it. perhaps we even want to experience unhappiness, or at least leave open the possibility of unhappiness, in order to truly appreciate happiness.”

-Eric Weiner, The Geography of Bliss


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