There was some value to be taken from watching Serbis and perhaps because I saw it on a Wednesday evening, right after dinner, the movie moved my disposition towards nauseousness. Right off the top of my head, dizziness was the only feeling I had and it wasn’t one of those, we-just-went-dancing-and-now-my-head’s-light kind of dizzy. It was really more like my stomach protested against my dinner. But, after discussing it with Richard(–who knows these things better than I do), I realized that I wasn’t really seeing the film, just passively watching it and reacting only to something that I felt biased against seeing. That said, I’ll write a more truthful entry about Serbis…just give me some time to put together a more thought out piece.

In other news, the yoga workshop was a success! I’m now officially declaring a hatred for sneezing and being made to laugh! I’m a bit sore and these things make me feel like my limbs could come off so, despite the avalanche of happy thoughts and videos like this:

I’ve sworn off all laughing and smile instead. πŸ™‚ But isn’t this such a killer?! Seriously though, I learned a lot from the yoga sessions and even managed to convince mom to come along. The sessions deserve yet another post but again, I find that there are still things to mull over. I’ll probably post this one tomorrow though. There’s already an outline in my head that’s begging to reveal itself. Also, since health is most likely related to yoga, I’ve been reading a lot about vegetarianism and I find that I really would rather keep my diet. What I need is some balance and healthier options but I most certainly refuse to disregard meat altogether. I’ve just been raised in the school of taste is all and by that I mean, we like to eat. Going vegetarian will make me miserable and I know that there’s really no need for me to make the shift completely. So there. I’m staying true to my nature and now, I’m running again. Yay!

Last but not the least: These past months I’ve been trying to convince myself to get a camera. I was set on the Canon G10 and when a classmate of mine from Alliance finally got her G11, I knew what I wanted. Fortunately, Tito Boy offered to take me to Quiapo! I didn’t realize that we were buying already, though. I thought we would look at things and go again but as I have just learned from yoga, sometimes we just have to do things right the first time and have the courage to get things done. So, in that light, here I am getting things done.

Say hello to my new camera! πŸ™‚ I know, I know, I wanted the Canon G10 but I seriously value wide lenses! Isn’t it awesome though?!

Okay…I’m officially broke. This Christmas, you’re all getting your photos taken!

Be well everyone.


2 thoughts on “Updates.

  1. ven says:

    NASH!!! i am so jealous! that’s the camera i’ve been drooling over for so long!!! how much were you able to get it? πŸ™‚ gaaaah!

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