Late Night Snack, erm, Book.

Lately, I haven’t been sleeping. Tumblr has this appeal than I can’t seem to push away. It might be because of all the pretty posts and funny little snippets of life that can easily be re-blogged or liked.

Sometimes, I just feel like I become too dependent on people to express how I feel. That’s why I have to remind myself to blog. But really, Tumblr isn’t all that I’ve been up to.

I just finished reading this book called Gourmet Rhapsody.
The story is of the world’s greatest food critic who finds himself about to die and craving for “that singular flavor, that divine something once sampled, never forgotten.” The characters in Muriel Barbery’s book are memorable and it makes me happy to read about things I love in a manner that is closer to how I think. The narrative is told in excerpts by different people related (in one way or another) to renowned critic, Pierre Arthens. Mostly, the discussions are bound together by a love for food but if you read on, you’ll soon discover that this is actually about a lot of things…relationships, family, writing, art, love, philosophy…all of these are revealed through nostalgia.

I bought this book on a whim last Sunday because I read Philip Cu-Unjieng’s article in the papers where he cited this book among several others. Naturally, you already know that the immediate desire to read it stems from this hunger I have for everything French. When I started reading it, I couldn’t put it down. I only made sure it lasted the week because the stories needed to be remembered and I had to mentally taste all of the food that was mentioned. 🙂

Please read it if you can. I’ll post quotes later so you can sample some of the hors d’oeuvre.

In other news, yesterday was Mom’s birthday! (Pictures to follow.)

Be well, everyone.


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