french beverages.

The french exam was funny. I made the silly mistake of taking A1 when I could have done A2 (or higher, apparently). But I’m glad for whatever it was worth. The written exam was deceptively simple. I say that ’cause every time I say something’s simple, it turns out to be really hard. So there, DECEPTIVELY simple.

The oral part was the funny one. 🙂 Beverage is not a French word at all.

But because I needed to “take my niece to a cinema that only served bonbons”…I had to ask if they had something to drink. Naturally, I forgot how to ask that at the last minute and went with using “beverage” instead.

*panelists look at each other*

Oh shoot, beverage isn’t a French word. I apologize and we all start laughing.



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