Because I am furious.

I am so repulsed by this. Sure it makes a great video but for a political campaign, it is so devoid of any substance. Forgive me for wanting better for this country.

I hate that more often than not it is Mr. Aquino whom I blog about most in a manner that puts him in bad light. I have something nice to say about him and that is that when his mother passed away and i had the chance to meet him in person, he was indeed a sincere and kind man. I don’t doubt his character or his personality but I can never understand where he comes off allowing people to harbor this belief that he is God’s gift to the country on the sole basis of who his parents were. It’s a catastrophe really!

And this ad has in it various showbiz personalities who have signed contracts with big networks that are not only responsible for the number of telenovelas made available nightly but also for this “unbiased” news that we are made to trust. Our media controls outcomes of elections more than we would like to believe and it disappoints me to know that the very protectors of truth in the country allow their talents to appear in these ads and in a way influence people’s votes based solely on popularity.

I thought this candidate wanted change and prided himself in being unconventional? Well, this wreaks of traditional politics and while I was hoping to gain access into another side of this candidate, he makes this ad and just loses my interest altogether. He’s definitely not getting my vote and if you truly want change I suggest you look at people who are a lot more competent and a lot less showbiz-y.



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