friends. (a.k.a what MM missed)

Gabbie turned 22 last Saturday and we all went to celebrate. 🙂

There’s so much joy in being with friends. I just can’t believe we went from talking about homework to figuring out what to do with our lives. We knew each other in high school, after all.

I have to post these photos for posterity because one day we’ll be celebrating other milestones: someone’s wedding (hello Maika and um, Marc?), a baby (still, maika), a new relationship (hello everyone except Maika), a promotion (still everyone) —and we’ll need something to remind us of who we all were.

birthday girl & cakethe girls & mmcake & cheesegab & venthe girls

I won’t post the ugly ones. 🙂 Sorry Rose Quartz.

Let’s all go dancing, shall we? Oh, and if you happen to be Mm, we missed you loads!


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