Sad dinosaur.

I succumbed to the pressures of the times and created myself a tumblr account. I thought it useful to follow people and see what was out there but then, I had to go at things from the start again. You need a name, a description–things that merit beginning from a point that seems all too foreign considering how many times we’ve had to recreate ourselves. The thing I’ve noticed about blogging is that it is still very much a lonely endeavor. We speak our minds and appreciate what democracy means but I wonder how important freedom becomes when you realize there’s no one listening?

I’ve reconsidered renaming my blog after the creature in the Fog Horn. I know, I know–another Bradbury reference but take a good look at this one because he is flawless at demonstrating things I’ve always wanted to say. If you haven’t read the story, find it here. Sometimes I imagine myself to be this creature and if you’ve read it, I’m sure you would understand. In fact, I’m sure you’d probably recall that at some point, you were one as well.

I wish blogging weren’t so lonely.


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