“What saddens me in most of these situations is when the civilians become so inured to the misery and pain that they barely react anymore. I have interviewed a countless number of women in the DRC who simply speak about their assault as if it were part of their fate, and unavoidable.”

Photographer Lynsey Addario

She really said all that I wanted to say. The photos are awesome too. They can be viewed here.

I hope we remember this when we think of suicide bombers in the Middle East, AIDS and ethnic conflicts in Africa, hunger and poverty that’s felt on a worldwide scale. –These are the things we are slowly getting used to. Meera and I were just talking about that over dinner last night. Yes, maybe I have this way of getting too emotionally attached to these things. But why not? Why shouldn’t I be? These issues are felt by real people who live real lives.

Do we really want these issues to be considered part of our everyday routine?


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