good vibes to ease the fear

Remember when we were in grade school and it would storm? The thunder would be loud enough to challenge us to shriek–we often won against it and I was usually more afraid of the sound 40 schoolgirls made in the classroom (x8, sometimes)! I don’t recall ever being afraid of the weather. There were catastrophic events like the earthquake in Baguio but still, the earth didn’t frighten me. I always thought she and I were friends. I believed she’d protect and nurture me. But last night, I knew something was wrong. Thunder came rolling from the heavens and I was so afraid, I cried. There was no wind, no rustle, not even a faint warning then all of a sudden BOOM! I had to peep out of the window to make sure nothing had caught fire. The earth, or at least my bedroom shook slightly as a result of the sound. It gives new meaning to the phrase “earth-shattering experience”–

Thunder aside though, my grade school life had a lasting impression on me because of 7 principles that we were made to memorize. It was a feat to know them all and even Gabbie can attest to this. 🙂 We were soooo young and the sentences were so epic! But alas, we must all be reminded of their importance. Here are the 7 environmental principles:

1. Nature knows best.
2. All forms of life are important.
3. Everything is connected to everything else.
4. Everything changes.
5. Everything must go somewhere.
6. Ours is a finite earth.
7. Nature is beautiful and we are stewards
of God’s creation.

Live by them and find meaning in their simplicity. If only we could take this seriously and act conscientiously in our own small way, we’d be saving each other from all this plague-like flooding. And people please, let’s be mindful of where our garbage goes. After the floods, people were floored by the amount of garbage that had found their way into their homes. Suddenly, lolo’s words came to me: Dispose of your garbage properly or else it will come back to you. Yikes. Didn’t it do that recently?

On a lighter note, I’ve shifted from Glee to Drop Dead Diva. Last weeks episode wasn’t as memorable and after watching all that attraction build up between Rachel and what’s his face, it was disappointing to watch as the episode rolled by without anything happening. But, maybe that’s just the anxiety brought about by waiting that’s killing me? Here’s the trailer of DDD. Season one just ended. They’re set to come up with another season. I hope it works out. 🙂

Oh and Ben Feldman who plays the guardian angel is ♥ –a bit too pretty for his own good pero sige na nga. 🙂


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