IR and my future.

When I studied IR in college, I always thought I would get a job handling conflict resolution through diplomacy. I appreciated Anderson Cooper’s memoir because he summed up my longing to be out in the field, exposed to issues first-hand. He also enforced my urge to become involved in human rights issues. Incidentally, we had just started discussing human rights and the role of different actors in effecting it’s implementation. I was stunned by the complexities surrounding this. It was the first time I understood the reasons why people didn’t readily embrace the rights as their own. I was told that before rights become rights, people talk and they try to negotiate positions to suggest what might be the best way to concretely apply abstract ideas into legitimate rights that bind all people. It’s a democratic process with some dire consequences. Sometimes, negotiators get carried away. Instead of remembering the core concepts, we fall prey to the nitty-gritty and leave more people victimized. I still feel this way toward Reproductive Health in the country and even if I’m disappointed, I just have this deeper sense of unease in me. It doesn’t feel right to treat issues in this way. Hohum.

Lately, the environment’s been bugging me about it’s future and I can’t help but listen. I’ve been reading a lot about it and I’m slowly beginning to think that maybe in the future I might choose it as a field of study for my MA. The IR issues surrounding the environment are intrinsic to my understanding of the rest of IR. Without Nature and it’s resources, there wouldn’t be much to worry about economically and politically…that’s if we go by strict definitions alone but logically, it works right?

Yeah, the environment’s on my mind. If you know anyone that teaches waste management or ES, please let me know. I need to run some ideas with people who might be able to help frame the right questions.



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