Van Gogh is bipolar.

Everyone who ever suffers from a break-up is most likely bipolar for a good month or two after the fall. It’s our human instinct of survival that causes us to say things like, “I’m okay.” when really it’s more like “Please reformat my memories and if it doesn’t work, please reboot him so he’ll want me.” So yeah, we’re all a tad bit stupid, deranged and confused and sometimes we have to celebrate that too in order to help things pass.

Friends @ Van Gogh is Bipolar

Fortunately, Ira had the foresight to plan a lunch date with me, Gabbie and Maika in a place called Van Gogh is Bipolar. I couldn’t make out the meaning of this strange name until I came to see the menu.

If you’ve ever had a week when you feel depressed, anxious, agitated, angry or one where others commented on your bad mood, then you know that even now our moods fall prey to outside — or inside — influences. Fortunately, we can control one of the biggest culprits: the food we eat.

The rest can be found here. Isn’t it awesome to have this kind of place to go to when you feel blue? Considering just how fragile relationships are and how often people find themselves moving in and out of them, I’d say go be bipolar every now and then and treat yourself to some TLC from the Van Gogh is Bipolar kitchen.

I’m not sure if it’s safe to say that happiness is guaranteed but thanks to last weeks lunch, I can certainly hope it is.


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