glee-love in small caps

because i am completely clueless about these things, i have only recently discovered Glee and thanks to my clicking around, i haven’t slept! megavideo is my friend and i try to stream the stuff while downloading the rest of them episodes. i can’t believe there are only 7 so far!!!

here’s the deal. i lost hope in this tv world when they started doing shows like the OC and Gossip Girl–i think people forgot for awhile what it meant to be in high school when they aired these shows. i know people are mean and callous at this stage in their lives but seriously, having too much money, too much sex and too much time to actually make friends and be with real people seems like such a waste of life. did i forget to mention that thanks to these shows, girls in my country feel the need to wear trench coats! ladies, please. weather in new york ain’t the same. try asking the folks who live in new york, cubao. ya ain’t see’n anyone in no damn trench coat! but it’s a free world so what the heck. —

but yeah, honestly, tv sucked big time when we lost the things that really appealed to our more genuine selves. when Glee happened, i felt like i could finally wake up again and look forward to something a lot more honest and hopeful, i guess. Pushing Daisies used to do that for me but then they cut the show just as things were getting exciting.

thankfully, there’s Glee and aren’t we all really really really glad it’s out there??? incidentally, i’m also thankful for it because the theater people who are so rarely seen on screen get to be in the limelight. the talent is astounding! i just hope someone convinces the Gleesters to get Jon Groff to sing a song or two! 🙂 Hello, Broadway!


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