Some songs say everything.

Thanks to Glee, I remembered how much I loved listening to people sing out what they feel. My favorite is still Jason Robert Brown’s musical The Last Five Years. But because I can’t find a decent clip that seems self-explanatory…

I found Jonathan Groff instead. πŸ™‚

He’s so cute. And this song, oh this song. It’s a phone call by the way and it’s amazing what’s said and what’s sung.

Here’s another one but this time it’s from Jason Robert Brown’s collection of songs. I’m deeply indebted to him for helping me through most of life. His music is the kind I grew up with and when I discovered it, I had been in the process of jumping from being a child to becoming an adult who very much wished she could have been young forever.

Oh heck, have more:

“I’ll give you stars and the moon and a soul to guide you and a promise i’ll never go…hope to bring out all the life inside you and a strength that will help you grow…”

Something for my friends…”And if your heart is always breaking
And you want to run and hide
When your hope is gone
Your friend is on your side…”

And finally, this is one of my favorite songs of his but I can’t seem to find my favorite version. There is this one though and the guy who sings is so cute I couldn’t resist. πŸ™‚



3 thoughts on “Some songs say everything.

  1. Gabbie says:

    Hey I love Stars and the Moon on that CD you gave me, napa-download ako ng buong soundtrack ng Songs for a New World. Magaling nga si Jason Robert Brown πŸ™‚

    Good post. Feelings –> music yeh!

  2. Gabbie says:

    And sorry to flood this post, but I have an mp3 of the last five years from ven, I’m not sure if that’s the same one though. Haha!

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