Wishful thinking.

The rains seemed ordinary when they arrived. No one was scared and most of my friends waited for classes to be called off. I remember waking up Saturday morning thinking that it might be best to sleep in. A warm bed on a rainy day is one luxury I will never take for granted again. Two hours past noon, my family was up and about. My sister who came from Baguio learned that her exam had just been canceled due to strong rains. My parents on the other hand were worried about the state of our kitchen. I could see the sweat on my mom’s forehead from scooping water out of the kitchen. I thought we had it bad. I wondered about families who didn’t have to do these kinds of things. We live in a four story house after all and when you think about it, flooding seems ridiculous. Then, just as I had processed all this, we learned about our cook and several other members of our extended family (people who helped make our beds, sew our clothes, assist my dad). They lost their homes to flood water which was odd cause that sort of thing couldn’t possibly happen. But it did. No lives were lost but homes were destroyed and I had never seen my Pook 11 family so tired. For awhile they looked like they had lost the will to live. My mom and I quickly sorted through garage sale goods. We bagged blankets, clothes and underwear for our friends and immediately walked toward the village covered court. Here are some images I took from my phone:

Covered CourtsCovered Courts 2RefsManangsmakeshift homesPeoplePook 11 ResidentsMom

I thought we wouldn’t have enough and I slept uneasy worrying about all the kids who had to sleep outside. At that moment I wished that having a warm bed wouldn’t be such a luxury. I wish we could have warm beds and roofs for everyone.


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