itchy over french and filmlove.

I want to be able to converse in French without worrying and today, it felt great to do just that. 🙂 And do it well. Now to practice writing.

I was excited to rediscover the wonders of film photography again. Last night I decided to reload my SLR but then when I pressed the shutter, it got stuck on me. This was around four in the morning and I had just gotten over almost losing files on my hard drive! So yeah, it would be sufficient to say that I almost lost my mind. Thankfully, it was only batteries! BATTERIES!!! Film cameras are love. I was about to tell you to Lomo just cause I love it so but honestly, you don’t have to. Use any film camera. My dad criticizes me often for my toy camera fixation but I tell him that since I pay for developing anyway, I’m not the typical “shoot from the hip” kind of girl. I have to shoot from the head too. 🙂 And using toy cameras is good for me because at least it compliments my being calculating by showing me that the world isn’t always manageable and measurable. Tomorrow, I’m going to buy batteries for my Nikon FG. I can’t wait to shoot using the normal lens! It’s so personal. I gave up the wonderful wide angle one first because it intimidates me.

I think I like intimacy. ♥

Here are my loves:

Hay, now to buy batteries and shoot!


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