Steep learning curves.

I spent today raiding the college library to find titles I would otherwise have to buy online. Fortunately, two out of the three authors I was hunting for appeared on some of the shelves. The only disappointing thing was that the only copy of Rilke’s The Notebooks of Malte Laurids Brigge happened to be registered as LOST. Terrible for a book to be lost but it could also be that one such student, who loves Rilke like I do, stole the book by “losing” it. Harsh I know but oh well, we all have things to covet.

Over lunch, when the fixation with library books came second to a grumbling tummy, I sat in a filthy table outside a noisy cafeteria. People love leaving their plates and trash behind. Sometimes I think it would be great to send all the staff on vacation so no one would pick up after the jerks. They can eat with their trash if it so pleases them but I really wish we didn’t all have to endure their ignorance. In an institution that prides itself to be above or at least at par with world-class educational centers, it pains me to have to remind “the best of the best” to clean up after themselves. Incidentally, the only consolation I have for all my ranting is this piece of paper that ought to challenge anyone who teaches or works at my former college. This student left her graded test sheet along with what remained of her lunch. I noted that she’s perhaps a freshman or a sophomore, as the paper had written on it “general psychology” in big bold letters. Behold her answer to what I am guessing may be the question: Should OFW’s continue on and leave the country in search of greener pastures?

They shouldn’t leave the country first because their children are still very young especially the youngest child. Specially if the children are too attached to the parents, it might affect them emotionally and it might lead them to having a poor performance in school. They might become too sad when their parents leave already. It will also also affected them socio-emotionally because they might not know how to react to the situation properly, the youngest child might throw a tantrum cause he doesn’t want his parents to leave. They might feel that their parents don’t love them anymore that’s why they left and that thought may stay with them up until they grow and start a family, with that memory still with them, it might affect how they they raise their own family. Cognitively, they might think they are neglected because their parents left them. Not having a parent physically may make them sad specially when they see their friends who have parents by their sides. They might feel inferior and have no importance.

A lot of my friends criticize me when I rant about education and indeed, some of them have resorted to apathy because they think poor communication skills are only problems of the impoverished masses. Well, sorry to disappoint you but I think this should drive the point home. Is there even a term called socio-emotionally? I seriously want to know because I may be wrong. The infatuation with postmodernism might even render the usage of words like “specially” correct but anyway, I leave that to critics. Oh, you know what totally puts the icing on this cake? The teacher gave her an 8 out of 10! 🙂 Laugh? Cry? Laugh? Cry? Laugh nalang. *sigh*

Oh well. I can only hope that educators and students alike might do their share to address this problem. I mean, sure, students need teachers but the moment they cease to meet your needs and expectations, please don’t hesitate to take your education into your own hands and begin the process of self-study. You’ll live to be a life-long and happy learner. Trust me.

Gosh. Ranting aside though, I really want to post about the places I’ve been this year. I have stories and pictures from Indonesia, Quezon Province, Tarlac and a slew of other places. WordPress wouldn’t support a features plug-in because I’m not a paying user and I really don’t want the hassle of having to pay to say things for free. Maybe I’ll just add a page then edit as I go along? Arg. Or not. I might use the Vox account maybe? Then I’ll just link it here. Ah, Technology! My supreme headache. Is there any other way? 😦

Oooh, if you want to see photos from the exhibit and sneak-a-peek at Carina, click here. it was great to see her after so long! She’s got me on my toes again trying to figure out a project! Too bad I can’t put up the travel posts yet. Oh boo.

On the flip side, there might be another reason to be excited. Solo is inviting people to go with her to Anawangin in Zambales. I hope the trip pushes through. And I hope by then I might get my hands on this wonderful piece of metallic love:

I held one yesterday courtesy of Carina and I think I fell in love. Wonderful little machine, please be mine!



11 thoughts on “Steep learning curves.

  1. hey nash 🙂 sarah here..tan..

    Anyway..I think it’s awesome to find what people left behind. I sometimes look at papers left behind on the bus. (So far, I’ve found notes for some intro to English class and directions for a scavenger hunt for fifth graders) Once I found someone’s rather personal essay at my old school’s computer lab, but I never kept it. Must be awesome to be a teacher, getting to read about people, lol.

    I can’t help but think that it doesn’t deserve an 8. More of a 7. There’s an idea but it’s poorly executed, despite the use of big words here and there. And then there’s the made-up word. I know everyone’s into making up all these random terms these days, but a whole bunch of other words could have been used to convey the idea..

    • toynbeeconvector says:

      Sarah! How wonderful of you to stop by! I;m glad you like notes too. How are you with secondhand bookstores and getting lost? I sense we might be kindred spirits. 🙂

      May I add you to my blogroll?

      Oh, this essay doesn’t deserve an 8 at all. It pains me to read it. It really does. I’m sure she has points to make but what good are they if they can’t be communicated, yeah?


      • Secondhand bookstores are still awesome as always, but they can be pretty dangerous especially when I find stuff I like/think I have a use for, lol. I think the library is a much safer place.

        As for transportation, the good news is, I don’t get lost anymore. I’ve taken to hopping on other buses serving different routes(but headed to the same place) when I have the time to spare. Great way to see the rest of the city and maximize the use of the bus pass which went up by $10!

        Feel free and link to the address I just put. 🙂

      • toynbeeconvector says:

        If i find myself in the States, will you take me in? 🙂 I really really want to visit and the whole idea of a library that gets updated regularly just drives me wild! 🙂 Yeah, you’re right about bookstores (2nd hand or not) having a pull over us. It’s ridiculous how much we spend and how easy it is to go from wanting to needing. 🙂

        Hey, how come there isn’t much posted on the link you just sent me? Is this a new site? 🙂 Please please take pictures and let us know about where you live! I like cities in the States. They’re pretty. 🙂

      • My apartment’s not mine, I’m just a subleaser, so I can’t, but you can stay for a visit! 😀 Or if you’re staying for awhile, let’s go find a cheap place to live in, lol.

        The link I posted is an actual blog, the first one was my portfolio, but I haven’t been doing much design lately.. ^^; Anyway, I’ll try my best to post regularly!

  2. softfloors says:

    bad vibes gen psych paper. & i’ve got a copy of rilke’s malte notebooks that i haven’t cracked open yet. will lend to you because you are more trustworthy than the entire ateneo student body.

    • toynbeeconvector says:

      Bad vibes talaga! Hurts me in the core of my being. 🙂 How is you and why you sad/mad at the ateneo populace?

      ayeee! Yes please! I’ll have it copied nalang in UP. I’m so happy with the copies i have of McDaniel and Wood! Ganda! 🙂 Thanks for recommending them.

    • toynbeeconvector says:

      No the new one isn’t open yet. Can I just say, it sucks to be in Ateneo for no reason. 😦 feeling ko napaka useless pumunta dito. Pero free ang wifi kaya fun! We can go naman to the Lib eh. For as long as the guards know that you studied here before. 🙂 I borrow using Anton’s id which is bad but I’m desperate to read. How are you?

      Hahaha at the paper talaga noh?! Gives me a headache to think about it! Sheesh!

  3. I don’t know If I said it already but …Hey good stuff…keep up the good work! 🙂 I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say I’m glad I found your blog. Thanks,)

    A definite great read….

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