Happy Grandparents Day!

My Parents

I was supposed to tell you about my lolo and my lola but maybe I shouldn’t write about them yet. They just died recently and thinking of them makes me cry and imagine all the things we could have said or done for them. I guess that’s normal when we lose people but I couldn’t let this day pass without celebrating the lives of those who are still here. 🙂 My parents are grandparents too. They have five grand-kids, none of whom are mine, yet. They make a happy house and help raise all of my nephews and nieces the way the three of us girls were raised. Today they played Pinball at the arcade and proved that the “lolo” & “nona” titles were only formalities.

Here’s to the generations of people we love who were the first to show us how.

and just because we can’t all be too sappy, here’s one for the rest of us who live with our facebook-ing parents:



2 thoughts on “Happy Grandparents Day!

  1. softfloors says:

    dearest nash,
    i love you, & this was a nice post. 🙂
    – petra

    p.s. you can change my link in your sidebar to softfloors.wordpress.com ❤

    • toynbeeconvector says:

      Are you moving to wordpress as well? I wanted to keep the lj one of you just cause there’s more history there. 🙂 Hey, sweetie, I want to give you your books na. 🙂 What’s your sched like this week?

      Thank you for posting the note. Please let me know who wants what and if they’re your friends, can I pass on the books to you?

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