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In an attempt to revamp my life and keep some faith in the world, I took on a job in a government office that entails less politicking and more “grassroots” level work. The job’s a bit scary sometimes because I know what’s expected and this seems to be one of those things I can’t just run away from. That’s a good thing considering my track record. I should have been a champion at the Olympics but there wasn’t a division dedicated to org-escapees. In any case, I’m here now and I like what I’m doing. We’re getting kids to read and love stories. Hopefully one day, they’ll manage to tell their own ones complete with the passion and love for country necessary to be happy in today’s world.

Tomorrow, I’m reading a story to a group of kids from the Raya School. It’s the first time I’m telling a story in Filipino and the prospect of kids as an audience makes me slightly dizzy. These people (the little one’s), they don’t lie and I doubt if they’d have any qualms about showing their distaste in my antics but anyway, its worth a shot. 🙂 Boy, this is exciting.

The job’s amazing but the heat is slowly threatening to kill my fun. It’s really hot out on the road during the day. I have this fear of looking far out into the horizon and watching the heat-simmered stretch…something tells me the earth might open up and melt bringing us all into its gut. Hay, but that’s just me. In any case, the travel bug is beginning to take over my sense of righteousness and whoa! I want a vacation!!! I will get it in two weeks. My sister and I are traveling to Indonesia and getting lost for ten days! 🙂 I hope things work out as planned.

I must get out.


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