Interesting Times.

This morning I caught a live feed from Davos on CNN where four heads of state came together to talk about the financial crisis and the future of the globalized world. Sometime during the open forum an African man came up and asked about what globalization means to Africa and whether or not his people, given the state they’re in, have a chance at actually engaging in the dialogue. The responses were to be expected, I guess. In a time when leadership is tested and all hell threatens to break loose, we look to our leaders for the comfort of hearing that it isn’t the end–yet. But what struck me most poignantly was realizing that we live in a time when these questions can be asked.

Maybe I haven’t fully recovered from giving up Geneva in order to teach. I know I want to teach like I know I want to eat and breathe but lately, our almost predictable globe dropped a bomb on us and it feels like I’m missing out on history. Have we even taken stock of our story unfolding in the past couple of months? We have a financial crisis being compared to the Great Depression and alongside it the first black president of America. There’s great suffering out there, I know but look at the way things are turning out. Africans, who were for some time regarded as the poorest of the global poor, are asking about the role they play in fixing damage wrought by poor decision-making. People are taking responsibility for their world.

Isn’t this so cool?!

Anyway, I’m excited for Cha! She’s finally sure about going to Hungary to work in a refugee camp. 🙂 Yay for the courage and the determination. This week, I promise to try my bet at having a tiny ounce of what she has. I’m sending my documents to Miriam this week, signing up for ITEP and meeting with my friends dad about his reading campaign! Let’s do this!

Incidentally, I can’t stop watching tv and thinking about Indonesia cause my sister’s taking me. Huhu, February must go and March must follow quickly! oh boo.


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