Dinosaurs Need Time Machines

Extinction was not the end for dinosaurs. I mean, just look at them? We’ve never seen one alive but everyone seems to know what they look like and whether they were herbivores or carnivores. For us, dinosaurs live just as we live, all warm-blooded and fascinating! But when you think about it, they didn’t leave much. In place of stories, they left bones and a whole lot of poo which made the smart homo sapiens re-create their lives with enough panache to keep them real for us all.

Dinosaurs can live forever and so can we. But if we ever want to live as long as they do, we have a lot of bones to leave behind and some poo, too. After all, aren’t stories made of writing down one’s bones and delivering some poo? Who knows? Our stories will keep us alive and well, sooner or later, we’ll become dinosaurs too.

Even then, we’ll need our time machines to remember and better still, we’ll have created something out of a lifetime’s full of bones and years of poo.  Now imagine that?


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